More on Mag the Hag and Wow Celebrations

Hi…I’m Amy; it’s just a nick-name, but it works! I am the creator of all those crazy characters you’ve seen around town for the past 25 years now…so no, I can’t possibly be a 25-year-old blonde, as I have heard rumored. Really, I’m a simple gal who has a passion for acting and writing and a burning desire to be creative and original in my work and life. I have a serious singing voice, have had several poems published, and am also an artist who enjoys cartooning, painting and drawing. These talents have added a lot to the creativity of my business.

Having the opportunity to make people happy is not really work to me…it makes my own life very fulfilling and rewarding. I consider myself very blessed to be doing something I truly enjoy for a living!

Of course, Mag the Hag is my most infamous Character. She really takes on a life of her own and I have no control over her at times…she definitely runs the show! In some ways, she’s who I wish I could be…not shy, out-spoken, and extremely
mischievous!! She has made my business a success, and continues to be the most-asked-for character I have. There is no trick to the voice, by the way…it’s just the way it comes out behind that muffled mask. In fact, I have actually had people out in public recognize me out of costume by the sound of my voice…perish the thought!

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